Sangwhan Moon

About this page

This page mostly serves as a placeholder for those who do know my somewhat private mail address and typed it into a browser wondering what's hosted here, or for the blokes who happened to search my name on Google. News for you - there isn't much to see here.

I have a personal blog which I recently migrated to a more sane engine from what I previously used, although the content is still the same old.


I am currently a Software Engineering Manager at Google. My current work is in ChromeOS. In my free time, I have also been working on a Ph.D degree in the field of natural language processing at Tokyo Tech.

Until August 2021, I was the Director of Engineering at a startup specializing in computer vision called Odd Concepts. Most of my work involved the less math intensive bits - parallelization, scalability, performance, security, and ensuring the office has good coffee.

Until November 2015, I worked at Opera Software's Tokyo office, working on browser ports for strange platforms such as chips that go into toasters.

After hours, I either spend time designing audio equipment or software for my not-so-protifable audio design house, tinkering with projects that probably will never be released, or consuming beer.

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