Sangwhan Moon

About this page

This page mostly serves as a placeholder for those who do know my somewhat private mail address and typed it into a browser wondering what's hosted here, or for the blokes who happened to search my name on Google. News for you - there isn't much to see here.

I have a personal blog which I recently migrated to a more sane engine from what I previously used, although the content is still the same old.

I do not live in Texas, and have not worked for LG Electronics. If you are looking for such a person, this is the wrong page.


I am a software engineer employed at Opera Software's Tokyo office, working on ports of Presto and Blink on various embedded platforms, handling compiler compatibility, architecture/platform specific bugs full time. I am the maintainer of AM33/MN103 architecture port of Presto, amongst many other things.

After hours, I either spend time as a technical advisor for a Odd Concepts (a computer vision company), tinkering with projects that probably will never be released, daydreaming of the next best project that will never be released, or consuming beer. I am usually reachable via, under the user name sangwhan.

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